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What Is DHT Group Training

What Is DHT Group Training

What Is DHT Group Training

Determined HIIT Training (DHT) is a form of Threshold Training in which you operate for up to 50 minutes, cycling through three or so sets, each composed of 4 exercises (give or take).  Every workout is different and will work the entire body.  These sets are usually repeated  3 times similar to HIIT workouts.

The exercises are a mixture of callisthenics, plyometrics, weight training, flexibility, sports drills and core training.  It's designed to speed up your metabolism, rev up your aerobic and anarobic engines, help you burn a large number of calories and improve your strength, flexibility and endurance.


What Is Crossfit

What Is DHT Group Training

What Is DHT Group Training

Crossfit is constantly varied and multifunctional movements performed at high intesity.  These movements are presented to your body by our coaches in a safe environment and designed to keep your body in a constant state of surprise.  This constant state of surprise doesn't allow your body to adapt, in turn generating optimal fitness capacity and avoiding plateaus.


What Makes Us Unique

What Is DHT Group Training

What Makes Us Unique

At Integration Fitness, our experienced professional coaches take a comprehensive approach to helping all of our athletes achieve their goals. Whether you're seeking to lose weight, tone up, improve athletic performance, or just get healthy, come and join a community that is unlike any other in the fitness industry! 

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