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Aaron “Bart” Bartels


Head Coach & Affiliate Owner

As a three-sport athlete, I was very active during my youth.   After one year of college, I realized quickly that I was not ready for the college lifestyle. In my mind football was going to be my career, but that too was not the case for me.  However, I’m very proud to say I spent the next chapter of my life serving this great country in the United States Army.

Fast forward 5 years from the end of my military career –  the Army and being an athlete were now distant memories and years of inactivity coupled with bad habits like eating and drinking as if I were still active found me a 34 year old 350 pound man.

Following the surprising death of a friend in his 20’s from an undiagnosed heart condition I decided that if that could happen to an apparently healthy young man it was time for me to clean up my lifestyle and try everything I could to live  healthier.  I joined a local gym and trained with what I knew at the time, did some “cardio” and lifted weights, this showed me some success  but I found myself bored and looking for advice on how to get better results.

This is when I was introduced to CrossFit.  A friend was opening a box and invited me to come try it out, it was the affiliate owner and myself and two or three others Woding together and I was hooked.  The first thing that got me was the feeling that I was competing again for the first time in years.  The real hook for me, however, was that I again was part of a “team”.  In the next few years I found myself getting in the best physical condition of my life, being able to “do work” like I had never been able to do.

When I became a coach it changed my life, I can’t put into words how proud I am of the relationships I’ve developed due to my position as a CrossFit coach and the lives I’ve watched transform in front of my eyes.  I believe CrossFit is for everyone!  The ultra competitive athletes in my box, as well as the athletes who are just looking for a great work out, and a supportive environment to train, get equal attention and train side by side.   I’m very proud to say that I’m a CrossFit coach and I’m excited to continue to introduce the Sport of Fitness to everyone I meet.

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